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Fobang Foundation in Brief

A Humanitarian & Nongovernmental Organization for Science and Health.

The Fobang Foundation, a nonprofit, apolitical and non-governmental organization was created and dedicated to the memory of Walter Fobang Mbacham 1929-1969, a Cameroon teacher and Boy Scout, whose ideal was to create conditions for a better world through Devotion, Openness, Truth and Justice that offered him the respect of the interdependence of diverse individuals within a population as the operational base of society. The guiding principle of the Foundation shall be that defined by the Schweitzer ethic of Reverence for Life in Action.

The Foundation offers a source of inspiration to enthusiastic young people, to use an Infectious Disease-Nutrition-Education Health Continuum as a conceptual model for public health intervention in developing countries, on the premise that these related health concerns are increasingly important and are neither organ, class, tribe, race nor gender-specific. Their management would embrace the broad range of contemporary strategies in public health management, also vital for intervention in other areas of need. The Fobang Foundation would support science, education and social wellness through the provision of tiered scholarships with a particular interest in women as pillars of development. The Fobang Foundation will assist in technological innovations, bio-reagent development and in research, to identify areas for its intervention programs.

The Fobang Foundation therefore seeks to improve the socio-economic status of the under-served and hard-to-reach populations in the developing world with Cameroon as a model, through positive community participation, health promotion, disease prevention and social welfare, in partnership with other institutions.

To achieve this goal the Fobang Foundation proposes:

1. To provide altruistic people with opportunities for volunteerism and
to support them in such efforts,

2. To encourage health education and increase access to health services
especially for the rural and urban poor and the handicap,

3. To support educational opportunities for youths in medical and bio-science
related disciplines,

4. To assist in science and health service innovations and discovery,

5. To carry out organized activities towards self-sustenance.

Innovative features
- To make use of professionals and their knowledge on a volunteer basis for explaining health issues to the public for improvement of health seeking behaviour.
- Encouragement of higher income earners to contribute for the benefit of the less privileged
- Use of church services and cultural and development associations to promote health messages

- Provision of relevant health data through epidemiological surveys where applicable.
- Peer-instruction on health at schools and promoting community orientation among students leading towards community action during the long vacations
- Encouragement for the use of diagnostic procedures in the provision of health care.

Organisational Set up

Co-ordinator Dr Wilfred F. Mbacham, ScD
Administrator Mr Akindeh Nji
Project Officers
Bureau for Strategic Planning Mr. Eugene Tawe, MA
Program for Applied Technology in Health Dr. John Muluh, DS
Biotechnology Course Dr. Marie Evehe, DS
New Biology Group Mrs Magaret Besong, MSc
Operation and Infectious Disease Research Dr Barbara Atogho, DS
Dr. Mosoko Jembia, MD, MSc
Health Education and Leadership Program Dr. Wilfred Mbacham, ScD
DOVE Corps Mr. Alfred Tendo, MS
Fobang-Mundi Theatre - Ms Jane Mbacham, DIPES II
Integrated Mother and Child Health Dr. Grace Fombad, MD
Dr. Elizabeth Ghogomu, MD